Adaptive sliding mode synchronization of hyperchaos systems with unknown parameters subject to secure communication
Paper ID : 1044-ICTCK (R2)
1مهناز قادری *, 2علی اکبر خزائی, 2مهدی یعقوبی
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The Lorenz system is one the example of chaos,
because it exhibits wide variety to nonlinear dynamic
phenomena such as bifurcation and chaos. In the last two
decades; there has been great attention devoted in the
literature for research on the global chaos and hyper-chaos
synchronization. A chaotic system has been complex
dynamical behaviors, such as depending sensitively on tiny
variations of initial conditions, having bounded trajectories in
the phase space, etc. In this paper, an adaptive sliding mode design method to synchronize hyperchaotic system was introduced. The main
use of hyperchaotic systems, communications are secure, because, in the hyperchaotic systems are much more complex
signals. So, the analysis of control systems hyperchaotic is important. Lyapunov stability theory is used to prove synchronization control. One of the most important features secure communications, synchronization is quick, it will show that the proposed method. The proposed controller can guarantee chaotic system synchronization and parameter estimation. The main innovation of the system is hyperchaotic for secure communication using adaptive sliding mode.
Adaptive, Sliding, hyperchaos, secure communication
Status : Paper Accepted