Parameter Estimation of Hyperchaotic Liu System Through Firefly Algorithm
Paper ID : 1049-ICTCK (R1)
1فرید شایسته کازیانی *, 2ریحانه کاردهی مقدم
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Parameter estimation for chaotic systems is one of the most important issues in nonlinear system analysis, It can be raised as a multi-dimensional optimization problem. In this paper, parameter estimation of hyperchaotic systems through the metaheuristic firefly algorithm has been made for the first time .Afterwards, the efficiency of the proposed algorithm has been compared with some other population-based optimization methods such as PSO. The aforementioned algorithm thus is apparently a more appropriate tool to estimate the parameters of hyperchaotic systems. The hyperchaotic system studied in this article is based on Liu mathematical model. Firefly algorithm is a metaheuristic algorithm inspired by nature. It is an optimization algorithm which is inspired by the behavior of fireflies based on the light emitted from them and has been provided by Yang. The results of the simulation conducted on the model indicate the high accuracy and speed of the firefly algorithm in parameter estimation of hyperchaotic systems.
parameter estimation, hyperchaotic system, optimization, firefly, Liu model
Status : Paper Accepted