controller design for microgrid inverter based Adaptive second-order sliding mode control in the islanding mode
Paper ID : 1079-ICTCK (R2)
1سید احسان وفایی *, 2نادر سرگلزائی
In this paper, the adaptive second order sliding mode controller is designed for the microgrid inverter systems and the robustness properties are ensured in the presence of uncertainties and chattering. Islanding mode occurs when microgrid is separated from other parts of the system. In this mode, distributed generation systems act to provide stable voltage for local in voltage control mode. This paper uses second-order sliding mode control for improving sliding mode control method and increasing system resistance against disturbance by adaptive control. Regarding this, to overcome chattering and uncertainty, control signal derivative was used as controller that finally, control signal was obtained by integration such that the adaptive sliding mode controller, in the presence of disturbances and unwanted interference, ensures microgrid stability, output and system detection and also reduces unnecessary high frequency in the whole system. Regarding simulation results, it was seen that inverter waveform has a good capability for following voltage and reference three-phase current waveform.
the microgrid, islanding mode, sliding mode controller, adaptive control, inverter, chattering
Status : Paper Accepted