Issues and Factors in Academic Program Selection: An Exploratory Study on Indecisive and Undecided Students
Paper ID : 1111-ICTCK (R1)
1sarerusaenye ismail *, 2shahrinaz ismail
1Asia Pasific University of Technology and Innovation, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
2UniKL Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
This paper investigates the factors of decision making in program selection among students from private universities in Malaysia. The study of indecisive and undecided students in various diploma and degree programs is taken into consideration with focusing on the decision making during the admission process and from the students’ first semester. The objectives of this study are: how student make decision for the program selection; what factors are involved during decision making in program selection and what are the advantages and weaknesses of the university advising system. A sample of 100 respondents who were in their first semester of study from two prominent schools participated in questionnaire survey under this research. Analysis of the result was done using 7-Likert scale, with Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and categories. The overall result proves the existence of indecisive and undecided students. The various factors contribute to these type of students including family, peers, advisors, university, agents and student's knowledge about the program .
Keywords—academic advising system; indecisiveness; undecided; decision making, MBTI
Status : Paper Accepted