Chaos Control of Power System Using PI Sliding Mode Controller
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Chaos is a new and very complex knowledge in nonlinear science. So has attracted many researchers. Lyapunov exponent area generalization of the eigenvalues at an equilibrium point and of the characteristic multipliers at a periodic solution, they are used to determine the stability of any type of steady state behavior including quasi-periodic solution and chaotic solution .
Electrical power systems are essentially nonlinear dynamical systems. Study of chaos and its control in such systems could be of considerable importance from the point of view of avoiding undesirable behaviors such as power blackout. Report the chaos phenomenon in power systems in China and America.Control of oscillation and stability transient are important factors to security of power systems. In this paper, the proposed an approach for chaotic power system control using proportional integral sliding mode controller. Using Lyapunov stability theory and obtained the sliding control law ensures that all state variables of chaotic power system move toward equilibrium. Finally simulation results are provided to show the effectiveness of the proposed approach.
chaos, power system, Lyapunov, stability, sliding
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